TOO PUNK TO FUCK SHOWstudio X Scarlet Fever Footwear Fashion Flim

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SHOWstudio x Scarlet Fever Footwear


Fashion Film Collaboration

Directed by Raquel Couceiro

Full Credits:
Produced by Synced Films; Direction and edit: Raquel Couceiro; Footwear: Scarlet Fever by Kira Goodey; Styling: Erica Matthews; Models: Romanie Smith, Aurelie Bernard, Alissa Polanski, Miss Miranda, Lauren Emma, Sandistik, Oh La, Millicent Hailes; Photographic Direction: Nataliya Gorbovskaya; Hair and Make up: Cheyenne Raymond; Nails: Sabrina Gayle at LMC Worldwide using L’Oreal Paris; Fashion: Chic Freak, Culietta, Fashion Luxx, Ivana Pilja, Jay Briggs, Jayne Pierson, Julia Clancey, Maria Piana, Mawi London, Napsugar, Natalia Kaut, Nichole De Carle, Persy, Reckless Wolf, Sadie Clayton, Sorapol, Yifang Wan; Weapons: Ezra Bristow at Acrion Replica Rentals; Direction assistance: Tod Ivanov; Set Assistance: Hristo Sokolov; Soundtrack: ‘Grindhouse (Main Titles)’ by Robert Rodriguez, ‘Cherry’s Dance of Death’ by Chingon; Production: Matthew Falck, Raquel Couceiro; Special thanks to: Marie Schuller, Nick Knight, Ed Richardson, Matthew Leaver, Michael Butlin and Maria Couceiro


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