Scarlet Fever Footwear runs a fully bespoke service.

Each pair is lovingly hand crafted using traditional shoemaking techniques. These are combined with a contemporary design aesthetic to deliver beautiful statement shoes that are completely unique and one of a kind.

It takes a minimum of 80 hours of work to create a pair of bespoke shoes. The process begins with an exchange of ideas and inspiration from which initial sketches will be made. Alternatively, Scarlet Fever Footwear can produce adaptations of existing designs. Once the design and materials are agreed upon, production begins. Pattern cutting, stitching, platform making, lasting and finishing are all done by hand in the Scarlet Fever Footwear studio. For clients who have difficulty fitting standard shoe sizes, it is recommended that the feet are measured in house so shoes can be made to exact size. In this event, a sample pair will be made out of unfinished leather or cotton drill to test fit and design lines before construction of the final pair begins. Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for completion of bespoke shoes.

If you are interested in the bespoke service please email







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